Be the best you can be

I have got a ‘back to school’ feeling at the moment. This may be because my career path saw me starting and finishing school, going to university and becoming a teacher. I have been ‘going back to school’ most of my life! Although I am not teaching at the moment, the nip in the morning September air signals back to school to me.

With it comes the anticipation of the time ahead, and many people use the fresh start to form a commitment to becoming the best they can be in areas of their lives. I have memories of being given a new exercise book at school. Turning the cover, the first page of the book was beautifully pure and clean, padded comfortably by the leaves beneath. Somehow when the date and title were written and underlined, my handwriting appeared neater and bolder than in any of last year’s books. There was a sense of pride and accomplishment in the first lesson of the new academic year.

Should you choose to, it is entirely possible to apply this positive attitude and desire for favourable outcomes to your life. Some years ago I attended a conference and listened to an author and motivational speaker talking about being the best we can be. He told us of a time when he came home from a busy working day and his young daughter wanted to play ‘shops’. Despite being tired he decided to be the best shopkeeper he could – setting the shop up with gusto and throwing himself into the role. His daughter thoroughly enjoyed playing and so did he, which reminds me of the phrase ‘you get out what you put in’.

As summer draws to an end, the start of September is a natural time to: reinvigorate ourselves; take stock of what we want to do and achieve; and indeed – be the best we can be. You will know the areas of your life that are pertinent to you.

So with commitment and motivation, turn to the first page of your new book and write the date.