I chose Become™ as the company to design my logo and website from a recommendation and I immediately knew from their strapline that this was a company I could work well with. It is:

What we think, we become.

They are words spoken by Buddha. I liked the quote because it epitomises the principles that coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) work on. What we think and what we say to ourselves directly affect our behaviour and success.

I recall a time when I held an assembly in a primary school, I told the children that when I face challenges I say to myself ‘I can. I will. I’m going to.’ I was delighted when the following week three happy, shiny faced children told me that they had had to try something new in their swimming lesson and they had said to each other ‘We can. We will. We’re going to’. And they did. They had a huge sense of accomplishment, and it could be said that they are set up for many positive experiences in their lives by thinking in this way.

Do you recognise when negative thoughts impact on your life? What would it be like to have a shift in your thinking to become what you want to be? Coaching allows us to: explore avenues and pathways; to find motivation; and to frame our thoughts in the positive so that it is entirely true that ‘What we think, we become’.

Thank you to Sara Ruber and Pete Davies from Become™ for being wonderful to work with and for creating a logo and website that I am proud to call my own. I hope whatever you both think in the future becomes a fruitful and happy reality for you.