Life coaching

Life coaching may address anything in your life and can be both powerful and life changing.  I create a safe and secure space in order for clients to talk about their most important thoughts, dreams, ambitions and goals.  Focusing on your goal is the first step to making it happen.  Words follow and then actions.  Some areas that life coaching can address are:

  • Feelings of being stuck or unsure
  • Coming to a natural crossroads in life
  • Work/life balance
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Relationships coaching
  • Effective parenting
  • Planning retirement
  • Motivation
  • Procrastination
  • Self-confidence
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Phobias
  • Wanting to get the best out of life

Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is for leaders within workplaces and entrepreneurs.  It gives leaders all-important time and space to reflect on how to be effective within their working environment.  The benefits will be tangible; it may be surprising how big an impact coaching can have.

People seeking leadership coaching may want to explore:

  • Setting goals
  • Vision
  • Beliefs and values
  • Leadership styles
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Your impact on others
  • Influencing others positively
  • Implementing new initiatives
  • Evaluating and strategising
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Creating and maintaining positivity
  • Greater productivity within the workplace
  • Creating harmonious working relationships
  • Progression within leadership
  • Work/life balance
  • Being the best you can be

Career coaching

Career coaching is for anyone wishing to enhance, develop or change their career.  Some situations include: exploring different career options; wanting a new career; returning to work after maternity or paternity leave; exploring different career options after being a stay at home parent; progression up the career ladder; and starting your own business.

Career coaching may address different issues such as:

  • Identifying options
  • Setting goals
  • Preparing for interview
  • Building confidence and self-belief
  • Identifying your strengths
  • Addressing limiting beliefs
  • Becoming targeted and focused
  • Maintaining momentum
  • Identifying next steps and how to get there

In a coaching session, you can expect…

…my full attention and commitment to facilitating change and development in your chosen area.  I have a relaxed, calm and friendly approach.  I have good listening and communication skills, and possess personal qualities of empathy and humour.  I care very much about the people I coach.  I want the very best for them.

It is important that you know that I coach in a non-judgmental way, maintaining the strictest confidence.  You will decide on what you want to talk about, and if you are not sure I will be able to facilitate your thought process so you get the most out of your session.  You will form a goal and through conversation you will identify your choices and create an action plan with timeframes.  I use a variety of coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools and techniques to bring clarity and to empower you.

There are many aspects to NLP.  In coaching it enables highly effective communication between us.  Also, through a range of different techniques you can take control of your beliefs and influences, manifesting in new and better behaviours.    There is further information about situations where NLP can be used in my Blog page archived in July 2018

Everyone I coach is unique and therefore my approach is unique and tailored to your individual needs.


Now is the time to make positive changes in your life.

Contact me for a free, no obligation telephone or Skype call.  We will discuss your aims and goals, talk more about the coaching process and how many sessions you may require.  It is important that we both feel comfortable and can work together, so this will give us an opportunity to find out.

I can conduct meetings face to face, on the telephone, FaceTime or Skype – whichever suits you best.  For face to face coaching sessions, I can meet you: at your place of work;  in meeting rooms in Crawley, Horley, Reigate or East Grinstead; or in a neutral location.  Sessions last 1 hour, although the first session is often 90 minutes.

Now is the time to make positive changes in your life.