Make it Happen

This month I watched the Müller Anniversary Games at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with my eldest son. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the athletics and spent the afternoon cheering loudly and clapping until our hands hurt. Being there reminded me of the importance of visualising our desired outcomes. We know that athletes visualise themselves succeeding at their event. They see themselves jumping over the high jump, or beating their personal best in a track event. Their mindset is ‘I can’ and they have an image of what their success looks like.

I am currently working on a goal and I have a clear picture of what it will be like when I achieve it. I make it come alive using different senses; I know exactly what I will see, hear and feel. This inspires me as I have a positive picture in my mind to aim for.

To further motivate myself, I visualise an image of my success and make the picture bigger and brighter. I bring it closer to me and sharpen the focus. I add movement and make the sounds louder. I can visualise it at any time. This is both useful and powerful for times when I need to focus and apply myself to take the steps to get there.

I will let you know when I achieve it. You may have a goal that you are working on, or an idea of a change you would like to make. Visualise your goal. Bring it to life and make it happen.