Taking Risks

Sometimes being coached isn’t comfortable.  You may be discussing something of huge importance and significance, and there can be a lot at stake.  Coaching is an opportunity to push yourself further than you thought possible. 

Throughout the years I have received coaching there have been times when I decided to do just that – embark on something that would push me out of my comfort zone. 

I remember a particular time when we were introducing a new initiative at work and I had been asked to hold a staff meeting using a coaching model.  I wasn’t a qualified coach at this point, and I felt apprehensive as I hadn’t coached a large group before.  Talking it through with my coach gave me confidence and I successfully led the meeting for around 20 people.

Later, as I reflected on the day, I realised that I had taken a risk by trying a new and different approach, and perhaps I needed to redefine what ‘taking a risk’ meant.  I had never considered myself to be a risk taker because I don’t like doing what I perceive to be risky activities.  I equated ‘taking risks’ with dangerous or reckless behaviour.

However, I had taken a risk when I held the meeting because attempting to use a coaching model for the first time may not have worked.  I would have stood in front of my colleagues with egg on my face.  I began to wonder if taking a risk lies side by side with the shame we would feel if it didn’t work out. 

From this I figured that I am a risk taker because I don’t mind saying to others that it didn’t go to plan this time, and I will work on improving it or doing it differently.  I don’t feel embarrassed by this. 

If I don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed in front of others, then I can be a bigger risk taker than I first thought. 

I wonder where taking risks in life will get me.  Safe in the knowledge that I can be brave and bold.  Knowing that I can try something new without the fear of shame if it doesn’t go to plan.  Realising that I have taken risks before and have successfully managed the outcome – whichever way it went. 

Taking risks will get me to places where I want to be, and that makes the future open to possibilities. 

The same could be said for you.

Do get in touch because you would like coaching on the risks you would like to take.  Make them a reality.

Also, if you feel that potential embarrassment and shame holds you back from doing what you would like to do, there is work I can do with you to change this. 

And finally, if you are introducing a new initiative in your workplace, or even just for yourself, I know of a brilliant coaching model for that!  It’s tried and tested.