Life, Leadership and Career Coaching

I have been privileged to witness some amazing transformations in the people I have coached.  After each coaching session, clients are focused, motivated and inspired.  This in turn, motivates and inspires me.  It is one of the reasons why I love my job.


Coaching brings clarity to a situation so that you can reach your desired goal.  The process is solution focused and allows you to uncover your own answers.  It is not the giving of advice, counselling, consultancy or mentoring.  Coaching enables you to unlock your potential and to bring about changes you want to see in your personal or business life.


It is not always about finding solutions to problems.  Many clients are very happy with their personal and work lives and instead simply wish to improve themselves or a situation.


Coaching addresses the matters that you want to address.  It is entirely your conversation to have.  When I coach it is very much about you.

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Anita is so quick to put one at ease, and allow one to pause and think through a situation, gently extracting the answers hidden in the chaos of a busy mind.  Thank you for help to refocus.

F.M – business owner

Now is the time to make positive changes in your life.